said i had a dirty mouth


so that’s how louis’ jaw looks like when his mouth is wide opened


keep that in mind 



through the years / 2011-2014




Sooooo this happened to me today. He went into Soul Cycle with his hair in a bun and left with it loose under the GB beanie. He said he didn’t want to take pics because he was super sweaty, and kept apologizing that he couldn’t take them. And he walked right by me and I just said, “hi” and he said, “hiii” and I told him to have a good show tonight and he said, “thank you” and looked me dead in my face and smiled so I’m basically a shell of a human being. He’s so fucking fit and lanky, and tan!!!! And he’s taller than me (I’m 5’9) and he was like 5’11???? And I saw his tattoos and his EYES up close and he’s just so polite and his VOICE???? Literally goodbye. RIP me tbh.



has anyones crush ever actually worked out for them or is that a myth

harry and louis